If your organization isn’t ready, completing a compliance audit can be costly. The immediate expenses – like certification fees – are readily apparent. But there are also hidden costs for these audits – especially if your organization can’t efficiently prove compliance. So how can teams avoid these hidden costs and ensure compliance during their next audit?

Join Tzvika Shahaf, director of product management at Perforce, and Charles Lane, solutions engineer for Helix ALM, as they discuss:

  • Immediate costs of a compliance audits
  • Hidden costs of compliance audits and their impact
  • Tools that can help minimize costs and ensure compliance
  • And more

Get Best Practices, Built In

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Headshot of •	Tzvika Shahaf, the Senior Director of Product Management at Perforce Software

Tzvika Shahaf

Senior Director of Product Management

Tzvika Shahaf, Director of Product Management at Perforce. Tzvika is an expert for Agile and Product lifecycle management, helping enterprises focus on shipping high-quality business-critical applications fast, while reducing risk and inefficiency in their process. Tzvika is highly focused on traceability and meeting the product requirements based on the power of visualization, reporting and analysis of data.

Tzvika is co-author of two industry must-read professional books: Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals (a practical guide from industry experts) & Accelerating Software Quality – Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in the Age of DevOps. Tzvika is also a speaker and presenter in global industry events about continuous testing, Agile lifecycle management, traceability and more.

Charles Lane

Charles Lane

Solutions Engineer for Helix ALM, Perforce

Charles Lane is our newest Solutions Engineer for Helix ALM. He has a background in technical demonstrations and works alongside our customers to improve their workflow. His goal is to find the best way to use Helix ALM to maximize its functionality and improve your applications lifecycle.