A successful product build requires collaboration from several teams. Each team owns different tasks — and uses different tools to manage those tasks.

For example, developers might use Jira to write stories and organize releases, while business analysts may use a separate tool to write requirements. And the QA team might use another tool to track test cases.

If these tools don’t talk to each other, it can be very difficult for these teams to work together efficiently.

The disconnect is even more painful if you have a large repository of issues, or you need traceability, and your developers want to keep using Jira.

But you can solve this without using a ton of addons. In this webinar, Tom Totenberg, senior solutions engineer for Helix ALM, will explain:

  • The holes that Jira leaves, like scalability and traceability.
  • Why it’s difficult to fill them with addons.
  • How to choose one tool that works for everyone, and still keep Jira for your devs.

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