One time-consuming step in product development is gathering and breaking down requirements. It takes input from various sources — customers, market research, managers, technical SMEs, and more — to define them all.

Without a complete list of requirements, your product direction may be unclear and could result in miscommunication and inefficiency. The later you perform rework in the development cycle, the more time and money you lose.

You can avoid costly rework with some strategic organization. Defining a well-structured taxonomy of requirements helps ensure your requirements capture and breakdown is considered from all necessary perspectives, and that no critical elements are skipped.

Helix ALM’s efficiency expert, Tom Totenberg, will show you how to do this. Join the webinar to learn:

  • How organizing requirements improves the speed and quality of development.
  • Best practices for identifying fundamental categories.
  • How to create a requirements taxonomy in Helix ALM

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