Can You Use Agile In Medical Device Development?

While the speed of Agile is appealing to those in regulated industries — like medical device manufacturers — the structure of Waterfall is necessary to keep regulators happy.  

Furthermore, when an Agile team and a Waterfall team need to work together, it can feel like mixing oil with water. Misaligned teams can slow progress, and expose your development to mistakes that undermine compliance.

Agile and Waterfall: a Hybrid Approach

It's possible to create the best of both worlds so your teams can operate together harmoniously. Hybrid agile methodology is how to best develop products quickly, and still make regulators happy.

Click play to watch how teams can:

  • Operate efficiently with differing methodologies.
  • Glean best practices for their tailored hybrid.
  • Work together in a single environment.

Watch the webinar above, and when you're ready for a tool to help you with the hybrid, know that you can try Helix ALM for free.


Hybrid Agile Methodology for Medical Device Software Development

If you’re here because you need Agile medical device support, we know that medical device regulations are a top priority.

We’re happy to answer questions about medical device validation using a hybrid. What you tailor will be unique to you and your teams. We believe that Helix ALM will help make this process easier for you, so you can ship products faster while maintaining your medical device compliance.

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