In a regulated industry, collaboration can be vital to building quality products that meet compliance. But when an Agile team and a Waterfall team need to work together, it can feel like mixing oil with water.

If you're used to Agile methods, Waterfall can feel slow and unresponsive. From a Waterfall perspective, pure Agile may lack accountability and direction. Misaligned teams can slow progress, and expose your development to mistakes that undermine compliance.

It's possible to create the best of both worlds so your teams can operate together harmoniously. This is how to develop products quickly, and still make regulators happy.

Join ALM Solutions Engineer Tom Totenberg in this webinar to learn how teams can:

  • Operate efficiently with differing methodologies.
  • Glean best practices for their tailored hybrid.
  • Work together in a single environment.

Watch the webinar, and when you're ready for a tool to help you with the hybrid, know that you can try Helix ALM for free.

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