In order to remain competitive, companies today must focus on providing innovative, high-quality solutions that meet their users’ needs and exceed their expectations. At the same time, they need to:

  • Establish quality-focused, repeatable processes
  • Adhere to industry regulations and standards
  • Defend their work in the event of a surprise audit 

All while trying to beat competitors to market.

In order to realize these goals, companies must be able to accurately predict project outcomes based on the development process they have in place — no matter how large or distributed the team is.

Predictability at scale is about achieving a better idea of the outcome due to the processes put in place and the tools used to drive those processes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a modern ALM solution, such as Helix ALM, can help you achieve predictability at scale while gaining:

  • Real quality improvements
  • Increased development efficiency and faster time to market
  • Instant, auditable evidence of work performed

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