No team ever intends to sacrifice quality in order to get products to market faster. Bug-ridden products lead to unhappy customers, and they aren’t likely to buy your next product. But quality does sometimes suffer under pressures to accelerate time to market.

It is possible to retain high quality in your releases, and still achieve faster times to market. The trick is to improve your efficiency — but that’s easier said than done, right? Not necessarily!

Learn what aspects of the development cycle you need focus on, in order to get products out the door faster.

Rick Riccetti, CTO of ALM Solutions at Perforce, discusses the challenges to doing accelerating development cycles without a drop in product quality. You’ll learn the most common delivery bottlenecks, and the real-life strategies for removing them, such as:

  • Optimizing your development pipeline
  • Intelligently managing change
  • Boosting visibility of key project data

Finally, you'll see how modern tools like Helix ALM streamline this process, helping you achieve faster time-to-market while actually improving quality.

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