December 5, 2011

Hosted Trials Now Available



If you've been following our Cloud journey, you'll know that in June this year, I spoke at our User Conference and said that we were planning to provide free cloud-hosted trials for anyone looking to evaluate Perforce's products. Last week we delivered on that promise. Evaluating customers can sign up for their free trial on our website; within 10 minutes or so they'll have their own Perforce Server running in the cloud, free for them to use for the next 45 days. They can download P4V from our website, connect it directly to their server and start versioning!

The server is pre-loaded with sample data to help get things started, including a stream depot so they can use Perforce in the newest, easiest and most powerful way from the start. We also pre-load the server with P4Web and P4FTP so there are two ways to browse the repository, and P4Perl, P4Python, P4Ruby, and P4PHP are all available to support any automation needs.

Through the power of the Cloud, we're able to offer these images in four geographical regions: US West Coast, US East Coast, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific - users simply choose the nearest region to their own location.

The barriers to evaluating Perforce products have never been so low, and my hope is that within six months from now, the majority of our evaluations will start out as evaluations in the cloud.

So what's next? Well, over the last 6 months, we have been receiving many more inquiries from customers who want to buy a hosted Perforce solution for production use. That's the next target for the cloud development team as we head into 2012, and I'd be very interested in your thoughts and comments on that subject.