Helix Core in the cloud is a flexible and scalable cloud version control solution
April 24, 2018

Is Hosted Version Control Right for Your Team?

Version Control

It’s clear that cloud computing is only going to grow in popularity as we march toward the future.  While Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) have contributed to most of the growth in cloud computing in the last decade, investment in Platform as a Service (PaaS) is on track to nearly double in the next decade.

Hosted Version Control

At Perforce, we’re helping organizations adopt a PaaS philosophy. Hosted by Assembla, Helix Core in the cloud provides development teams flexibility and convenience. Most importantly, hosted version control frees staff from the burden of maintaining servers and backing up files. Rather than worrying about the work behind the scenes, teams can focus on their primary task: developing software.

Unity Moves to Hosted Version Control

One such customer is Unity, a leading game engine company. Unity had terabytes of data stored on Perforce servers that they were managing in conjunction with developing their leading Made with Unity series. Rather than spending their time managing large binaries, Unity opted to migrate their Helix Core on-premises instance to the cloud across multiple regions in the U.S. The cloud solution provides the game engine company with ease of mind – allowing their team to focus on what they do best.

While hosted version control works well for some organizations, there are two main factors that compel companies to keep Helix Core on-premises beyond the previously mentioned IT management concerns: security and speed. Many development companies are governed by strict security protocols that requires intellectual property to remain behind the corporate firewall. In terms of the latter, many are dissuaded from the cloud due to the latency and slower speeds over WAN. Working with Assembla and their worldwide network, Perforce addressed both of these concerns to ensure fast and secure development.

Is Hosted Version Control Right for Your Team?

Are you wondering what deployment option is right for you? If so, Perforce and Assembla created a short quiz to help you decide between on-premises and the cloud.