Is Cloud or On-Premises Version Control Right for Your Team?

The decision between Helix Core on-premises versus Helix Core in the cloud is a difficult one. That’s why we developed a short quiz to help you decide which deployment option is best for your organization.

IT Resources & Infrastructure

I don’t have IT or network expertise on staff to set up the Helix Core server.

Team Geography

I have some geographically distributed team members, but they don’t work on large files and/or don’t make regular commits.

I don’t have the hardware or infrastructure required for the Helix Core server.

I don’t foresee adding a significant number of remote team members in the next five years.

I don’t want to manage my own data backups.


I’m not required to keep my intellectual property (IP) behind a corporate firewall.


Data Storage

I don’t have a high performance storage system in my office that I use for my non-code assets.

I don’t have regulatory or industry compliance requirements that require me to have exclusive control of my data at all times.

Quiz Results

4 or more true = Helix Core Cloud, hosted by Assembla
4 or more false = Helix Core on-premises with Perforce

Helix Core Cloud

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Core Cloud

Helix Core On-Premises

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Core On-Premises