June 6, 2017

Introducing Helix4Git

Git at Scale
Helix4Git Release Image

At Perforce Software, we’re always challenging our platform to grow and improve to bring better support for all product development teams, and this is no different for enterprise organizations managing Git repos at scale.

Helix4Git is our new solution for teams using Git, offering speed and scalability like no other solution.

Helix4Git enables a very flexible configuration for faster performance & scalability for a variety of use-cases that currently impede most Git environments in the enterprise world. It enables multi-repo git projects, remote mirroring of Git repos and faster builds. Simply put, Helix4Git makes Git easier.

And here’s how:

Helix4Git is excited to introduce a new type of depot, called the Graph Depot, which stands for Graph data model — the server technology that lets Helix customers store Git data natively. Users can store commits, trees, blobs, tags, and references in Helix, and that supercharges the capabilities of the Git data model, sidestepping common barriers with Git scalability. 

Graph depots can house numerous Git repos simultaneously, effectively giving Helix users multi-repo support for their Git environments. With the renowned performance and scalability of our federated architecture (edges/replicas) already built-in, Graph Depot is perfect for Git teams looking to improve speed in their CI workloads and expand their build farm’s reach.

Here’s Helix Connector for Git

So, we have our brand new shiny toy, the Graph depot for Git data, and the Helix Connector for Git is its perfect accessory.

Helix Connector for Git (aka GitConnector) serves as a remote Git server to serve Git repos stored in Graph Depot to Git clients, supporting development teams across the globe. With Helix Connector for Git, developers can seamlessly clone, pull, and push using familiar Git commands — all within stable Helix version control.

Even changes are pushed and fetched rapidly to and from the Helix server, thanks to Helix Connector for Git.

Built-In Mirroring

Helix4Git also makes life simpler for users who have their core repos stored in a pre-existing Git-server, such as GitHub or GitLab, offering a custom webhook that automatically mirrors any and all Git repo updates into Perforce.

Why is this ideal? Because users are able to build from multiple Git repos in a single workspace and take advantage of our federated architecture to unload much of your CI build burden from your Git servers to a faster, Perforce master server.

This keeps your workspace connected to your preferred CI tools, such as Jenkins, via the P4 Plugin for Jenkins. This plugin has many key advantages, including:

  • Efficiency: being able to sync a SINGLE depot of type graph that contains MANY repos
  • Hybrid support: a single depot to hold both Graph/Git data and classic Helix files at once
  • Flexibility: sync any combination of repos, branches, tags, and SHA-1 hashes
  • Automation: polling to automatically trigger a build upon updates to the workspace
  • Visibility: listing of building contents

Native Git For Native Benefits

Helix4Git is a solution for Git at scale, with sync and CI build operations up to 36% faster with less storage burden to your system.

Also, users access faster read operations (git clone, pull, and fetch) on their remote sites with the local cache of Git data stored via Helix Connector for Git

Conduct simpler and faster CI builds with p4 sync, as no other tool offered can perform the task of building off of multiple Git repos at the same time. Helix4Git makes this simple.

Harness the performance advantages of our federated architecture with Helix4Git, offering parallel build run from multiple edge servers

Want to Know More?

Our newest release has so much to offer your product teams. Check out all the new features Helix4Git can give your users.

Want to see Helix4Git in action? Sign up for a live demo with one of our technical experts who will guide you through a crash course in Helix Swarm.

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Kuntal Das

Principal Product Manager