January 11, 2012

Introducing P4VS


P4VS is the soon to be released plug-in for Microsoft's Visual Studio. It will provide a more powerful seamless integration for developers in Visual Studio. It allows developers to perform most of their Perforce tasks from within the IDE, such as checking out files to creating and submitting changelists.

P4VS screenshot

Our development team has been using the plug-in in our own development environment from it's early days and really appreciate how it streamlines our development, like automatically detecting added files so that can be marked for add in Perforce. It's now much harder to break the build by forgetting to check in new files in the solution. New glyphs in the Solution Explorer show us the current stats of all the files in the solution. For instance, it's able to tell if a file I need to edit is up to date before checking it out. The plug-in also detects when I start to edit files we haven't checked out and to check them out into an existing or new changelist.

Join us for the Best Tools in 2012: Increase Productivity with Visual Studio and Perforce SCM webinar on January 18, 2012 at 11am PT | 2pm ET to learn how the Perforce plug-in for Visual Studio supports complex development by teams of any size. P4VS will soon be entering beta testing followed by a release later this year.