December 3, 2013

P4 Connection Toolbar in P4VS


As of the 13.2 product release, a new P4 Connection toolbar is available in P4VS. This handy feature displays your current connection information within the IDE environment, including the server, port, user, workspace, and stream (if applicable). It allows you to switch between your 5 most recent connections, create new ones, and disconnect from the Perforce server.

In addition, the toolbar includes a changelist selector. This shows all pending changelists associated with your current workspace, and allows you to create new ones. When you make changes to files in your solution, they will be checked out in the chosen changelist. This way you can easily group your edits as you work.

The P4 Connection toolbar can be enabled as follows:

  1. Click on Tools | Customize
  2. Click on the Toolbars tab
  3. Select the P4 Connection checkbox
  4. Click on the Close button

To ensure that the files are automatically checked out in the selected changelist in the P4 Connection toolbar, turn off the preference to prompt for a target changelist as follows:

  1. Click on Tools | Options | Source Control | Perforce General
  2. De-select the Prompt for changelist when checking out or adding files checkbox

(Note: Instructions are on Visual Studio 2012.)

Check this and all the new P4VS features out - you can download for free and give it a try.