July 20, 2015

P4VS Helix Plug-in Update for Visual Studio 2015


Today, Microsoft announced the public availability of the final release of Visual Studio 2015. Perforce supports Visual Studio 2015 with the P4VS Helix Plug-in (2015.1 release), available on our downloads page as well as in Microsoft’s Visual Studio Gallery.  Developers can also install and update P4VS within Visual Studio 2015 by going to Tools > Extensions and Updates, click on "Online”, select the Visual Studio Gallery option and enter "P4VS" in the search box.

The combination of P4VS 2015.1 and Visual Studio 2015 ensures a seamless experience for developers, who can use P4VS commands and leverage customizable menu toolbars directly from within Visual Studio. For example it’s very easy to checkout any desired file by simply clicking on a button on a P4VS toolbar.

With the 2015.1 release of P4VS and the lazy load feature described in this earlier blog post, developers will see significantly faster performance for large projects with lots of files, especially for remote users or those with slow network connectivity.

This P4VS release also supports not only the Enterprise Edition of Visual Studio 2015, but for the first time also supports the free Community Edition. This is great news for current or new members of our 20/20 program, which enables developers to use Perforce Helix SCM and content collaboration solutions for free for up to 20 users or 20 workspaces.

P4VS also supports the Helix Swarm code review and collaboration tool, which enables review of code and other assets. Users would need to run Swarm version 2014.4 or later and turn on the Swarm integration.

So, now’s your chance to go to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Gallery and grab your copy of P4VS for faster and more productive coding.