July 11, 2012

Perforce On Demand

Version Control

assembla logoToday I’m very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Perforce On Demand, hosted by Assembla. Assembla is a leading provider of hosted solutions for software development teams, including version management repositories, ticketing, and collaboration tools. Now, teams of up to 20 users can take advantage of the power of Perforce version management combined with Assembla’s collaboration and project management features.

When you sign-up for Assembla’s hosted offerings, you can get a complete project management toolkit for your team. The Perforce repositories offered by Assembla provide a single Perforce stream depot. Perforce streams are designed to be a simple, convenient framework for branching and merging, and are a perfect complement to the rest of Assembla’s intuitive tools. You can use any regular Perforce application, like P4V and our Eclipse plugin, to work with your source files. When you submit, your files are sent to the Perforce repository hosted by Assembla, where you can use code review and other tools to work with your team.

Assembla-hosted Perforce on Demand puts developers to work quickly. Users can get a new depot in seconds, with triple-redundant backup. They can immediately invite other colleagues by email. There is no need to wait for an administrator to authorize or configure repositories or users.

If you’re a small team looking for an all-in-one solution, or would just like a preview of how Assembla’s social collaboration tools can help you work with Perforce, sign up now and give it a try.