January 17, 2014

Quick tip: Using Git Fusion with Swarm

Git at Scale
Helix Swarm

Image: Preety1996 via Flickr

If you've played with Perforce's new asset collaboration tool Swarm you've probably seen that making links to Perforce data in Swarm is way easier than it is in P4Web. Just take your Swarm hostname and attach the thing you're interested to the end of your URL and you're set, as in this example:

http://swarm.workshop.perforce.com/8486 (that's the Swarm instance for our open source depot)

that's much nicer than:


Swarm is also Git savvy though if you are using Git Fusion as well. You can just as easily tack on the first 8 characters of a SHA from a Git commit stored in Git Fusion to view the same commit in Swarm.

In addition, with Git it's easy to generate those links. This useful bit comes from our own Don Marti. If you are using Git Fusion and Swarm together you can easily add Swarm links to your 'git log' output. With this alias you can automatically generate Swarm links:

Put the following in your .gitconfig:

ls = log --format="format:%s%n%an%nhttp://swarm.example.com/%H%n"

If you try it and like it let us know! We'd also love to hear of any other aliases you've created to work with Git Fusion!