December 23, 2021

Your Perforce Cloud Hosting Options

Version Control

Cloud hosting unburdens teams from maintaining physical hardware. It’s great for teams with small office spaces or limited IT resources. It also allows teams to access their data anywhere, making remote collaboration simpler and faster. It allows them to scale their computing power as needed, which can offer significant cost savings.

Read on to learn about solutions for teams looking to deploy Perforce Helix Core to the cloud.

Perforce Servers: Cloud Options

You can of course host your Perforce server (Helix Core server) on-premises if your team has the hardware. If you’re looking for cloud hosting options, though, Helix Core can be deployed on your preferred cloud provider. Additionally, the Enhanced Studio Pack is incredibly easy for self-starters to launch on Microsoft Azure or AWS in just a few clicks. It is a bundle including Helix Core, infrastructure as code, configuration management, and other key software.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud provider, used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. It provides hundreds of services you can use and is trusted for being secure and scalable.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud service provider in the space and offers a broad range of solutions, including both platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions. It’s a popular choice for teams of all sizes who need both performance, flexibility, and security.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is another well-established leader in the IaaS and PaaS segment. GCP is a particularly popular strategic choice for enterprises who need leading data and analytics solutions.


Enterprise Cloud

Learn more about enterprise cloud solutions with our complete guide.


Helix Remote Administration: Perforce Server Setup & More

There is another option for teams who are either looking to move to the cloud or already use a cloud solution: Helix Remote Administration. This service, offered by the experts who built Helix Core, could be a vital addition to your toolchain. With Helix Remote Administration (HRA), your team selects your preferred cloud provider and manages your cloud account. Then the pros at Perforce handle your Helix Core server setup, ensuring it is configured with the optimal specs as determined by your team’s needs. The HRA team takes care of ongoing deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of your server. They make sure it continues to run optimally and any issues that may develop are quickly resolved.

For a very low price, teams can offload the work they would be assigning to a team member who could be focused on higher-priority projects.

How One Studio Saved 100s of Hours on Server Setup & Maintenance

Nifty Games, for example, has saved hundreds of hours with Helix Remote Admin. That’s “close to one working month” on Perforce server setup, DevOps, system admin support, and more, according to Ibs Rageh, Nifty’s VP of Engineering. Rageh was the resident Perforce expert on his team, so it was him serving as the game studio’s sole source control admin, on top of his job. HRA offered a more efficient and affordable solution.

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Assembla Hosting

There are options for those who want to offload cloud hosting completely. With Assembla, you get the benefits of Perforce Helix Core, but your server is fully hosted and backed up by a team at Assembla. Assembla essentially sells a package of cloud storage + Helix Core. They own and manage your team’s cloud storage and Helix Core server, plus the licenses for each.

Assembla or Helix Remote Administration?

Assembla will set up and manage your Helix Core and cloud account for you, and you pay them rather than the cloud provider and Perforce. They will provide the Perforce login for you to access your version control system, and your team will download the necessary clients and connect to the server.

With HRA, you will own your cloud account and pay the cloud provider directly. The setup, maintenance, and monitoring of your Helix Core server will be done by Perforce staff, the people who built the software and know it best, instead of a third party. Furthermore, it is sometimes possible to work out deals with your cloud provider when you reach a certain data limit, meaning more potential savings for your team.

Save Time & Money with Helix Remote Administration

Whether you have already made the switch to the cloud or are exploring your options, Helix Remote Administration could be an excellent addition to your toolchain. Learn more about this affordable, time-saving service offered by the experts at Perforce.

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