The Open Virtual Appliance, or OVA is the best solution to try out Git Fusion for the first time. This installation includes both Git Fusion and Perforce Service and is preloaded with sample data. You can also use this Git Fusion instance with your own Perforce Service.

The Git-fusion.ova is available from the the Perforce website, buy you can also download it directly from our FTP site.

Import your downloaded OVA into a visualization framework. In this example, we will use Virtual Box, but it also works with VMware clients. When your VM application opens, we recommend verifying a couple settings. For testing, the default settings will work fine. If you plan to go operational, we recommend your VM have at least 4 cores and 16 GB of memory allocated. Also, you will need to reinitialize the MAC address of the network cards if prompted.

Next, power on the Git Fusion virtual instance. The setup dialog will prompt you for passwords of 3 Unix users sequentially. Perforce – a user that runs Perforce service. Root – the root account in the Ubuntu virtual machine. And git – the service user that runs Git Fusion instance. You also will be prompted to select a server id for this Git Fusion instance. I will accept the default.

After Virtual Machine finishes the setup, you will have a Git Fusion instance connected to a local Perforce server and you will now see a screen with the ip address.

You are almost ready to perform a first clone of the sample data. First, create a Perforce user for yourself. Login into the Git Fusion console window as user root using the password entered previously.

The Perforce server in Git Fusion OVA runs on port 1666. In order to create a user for yourself you can this command. In this example, I will be Ksenia and I will use my setup password.

Since Git Fusion comes with unsigned SSL certificates, we will tell Git to not verify SSL certification for this terminal session. In a terminal window on your own computer, enter the following.

And now, perform a git clone of repo Talkhouse.

You'll be prompted for username and password so enter the credentials you just created, and the Talkhouse repo will be cloned to your local workspace.

Now you can experiment with different Git operations using the sample data included, or setup other users and create new repos as desired.


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