It may seem like a strange idea to apply Gantt scheduling in an embedded DevOps context, after all isn’t Gantt scheduling the same as Waterfall? This is a natural reaction, but as we will see in this presentation there is a difference between technique (like Gantt scheduling) and mindset (Waterfall, Agile) — and combining different techniques can be a very smart way to approach modern planning and tracking needs. 

Learn how to combine Scrum, Gantt, and Kanban practices to optimize value delivery but keep the ability to plan around hard dependencies. Examples will be provided using Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft), a proven enterprise Agile planning software. Appreciated for its performance, ease-of-use, and ability to combine many ways of planning with only one product backlog, Helix Plan is used by companies around the world with hybrid planning needs.

Want to test out Helix Plan for yourself? It's free for small teams. You can also learn more about Helix Plan by watching the on-demand demo.

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