January 23, 2014

3 Cool New Features in Git Fusion 13.3

Git at Scale

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Git Fusion 13.3 is now on the web and ftp site. Among a small collection of bug fixes are 3 really cool new features:

Support for Git submodules. Submodules allow other Git repositories to be embedded into your Git repo locked to a specific commit. Git Fusion will store this information in Perforce and recreate and propagate changes in any included submodule across all of your Git Fusion instances. You still need to understand how submodules work in Git but that's for another blog on another site.

Support for stream-based Git repos. Like all other Git Fusion backed Git repositories, the underlying client view needs to remain static. Otherwise the world from Git's point-of-view will have shifted in unacceptable ways. Git Fusion 13.3 allows Git users to merge between Git branches regardless of whether those branches are stream or non-stream views. Many hedges will be driven through. We are working on converting import lines in stream specs to have different semantics. Stay tuned later this year for what develops in this regard.

Fine-grained read-access control for Git repositories. This is more of an admin/security feature and not so much for the individual Git developer. When enabled for a site, Git Fusion will confirm that the connected user has read-permission (based on the protections table) to all possible content mapped by the repository. If any part of it is protected, then the entire repo will be considered unreadable (and unwritable) for that user.

The team is working away towards the next release. We invite you to download Git Fusion 13.3  and explore these new features. We would love to hear how Git Fusion is working for you and suggestions you have for future features.