December 2, 2015

Community spotlight: Helix Integration with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio


Like many of you, we’re huge fans of the Jetbrains IDEs here at Perforce. Much of the code for both Swarm and Helix Cloud is lovingly crafted in PHPStorm and RubyMine respectively. Sadly though, the excellent community edition of IntelliJ IDEA does not support Helix out of the box. Thankfully a member of the community has stepped up to fill this hole.

Over at GitHub, user "groboclown" has published an integration for InteliJ IDEA CE that supports versions 13.5 through 15, and also works with Android Studio 1.0. Installation can be done right inside of the IDE from the plugins panel, or the plugin can be downloaded from JetBrains' site.

If you’re a Java or Android developer looking to work with Helix, pick up either InteliJ IDEA CE or Android Studio, grab the plugin, and take it all for a spin; you won’t be disappointed.