January 10, 2014

A Great Year for Perforce Products

Flexible Workflows
Helix Swarm
Version Control

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In many ways 2013 was our best year ever. For starters, we spent more time with our customers to better understand their needs and, in return, got valuable feedback across our product portfolio. On the product side, it was certainly our busiest year. Not only did we launch several new products in 2013, we also made many significant improvements to our core versioning engine and clients. Let’s start by looking at the products we unveiled last year.

Commons: Last March, we did our public launch of Commons, our document collaboration solution. Serving as a simple-to-use interface for collaborating on things like Word and PowerPoint files, Commons plays an important role in enabling the “version everything” requirement for modern Agile teams. It enables the less technical teams to version their assets in the same shared repository that the developers use for code, artists use for graphics, etc. That way, your organization has a single source of truth for all your assets—a fundamental requirement for doing continuous delivery. In October we launched Commons Cloud, a cloud-hosted version of Commons that’s free for up to 20 users.

Swarm: In June of 2013, we unveiled Swarm, our code collaboration and review tool that’s built on top of the Perforce versioning engine. Swarm's social coding features let you share creative ideas immediately, collaborate on the fly, and get early feedback from continuous integration and deployment. We have been delighted to see rapid adoption of Swarm in 2013. Going forward, Swarm will play a key role in helping our customers transition to continuous delivery.

Insights: In October, we launched Insights, our analytics solution. By unlocking information from the Perforce versioning service, Insights helps you assess the health of your projects. Assess how teams are performing. See whether your code is becoming more stable. Understand what’s driving changes in your code.

Versioning Engine: Throughout the year we made ongoing improvements to our clients and some big enhancements on the server side. We introduced task streams for new workflow options, commit and edge server configurations for improved service to remote users spread across multiple locations and, most recently, lockless reads for substantial performance improvements for large sites that experience high workloads. My colleague Bryan Pendleton wrote a great blog post detailing all that we’ve done with our server in 2013.

2014 promises to be an equally busy year at Perforce. Please stay tuned for more exciting news across all our products. As a reminder, to receive regular product updates from us, please sign-up for our monthly product notifications, which tell you exactly what’s changed in each Perforce product and point you to the downloads and related assets.

We look forward to working closely with you throughout 2014!



This article first appeared in the Head Revision, Perforce's monthly newsletter.