Agile team joining hands
September 28, 2017

The 1 Swedish Word That Best Describes the Perforce Acquisition of Hansoft


Exciting news!

After 12 years of helping Agile enterprises everywhere ship products faster, we are excited to tell the world that Hansoft is now a Perforce company!

It was the best decision we could make — for both the software and its fans.

Whether they’re game studios or Internet of Things pioneers from places like Germany or Japan or China, it is our customers that help make Hansoft the tool it is. They are the ones who have incorporated Hansoft into their workflows, and helped us improve and adapt the software to new ways of working.

Now, as part of the Perforce team, we will be able to serve our customers better than ever.

While you can expect continued improvement to Hansoft, you can also expect us to stay true to our core mission of empowering both development and executive teams to work together better.

Or, in a single Swedish word (because Hansoft originated in Sweden), lagarbete.

Whatever language you speak, it is an important word these days.

Because, as technology changes our lives and we keep looking for the best, fastest, easiest solution, that one word is the real goal.

What does it mean?

Translated into English, lagarbete means this: teamwork.

As we look to the future of Agile enterprises, we need to keep that word in the foreground, while asking, “What can we try next to improve together most?”

With that, all of us at Hansoft are excited to be part of the Perforce Software development platform! As the Chief Product Officer at Hansoft, I’ll be working closely with Tim Russell, CPO, and Janet Dryer, CEO of Perforce, as we continue to support lagarbete everywhere!

If you haven’t yet, please visit our updated website and try a free version of Hansoft.


Rikard Nilsson
Chief Product Officer