October 16, 2012

How To Create Perforce Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio


As written in an earlier post, I despise using my mouse. I run Linux natively and prefer to spend my work day in the comfort of my terminal windows. Every once in a while, I am assigned a project that requires me to come out of my shell (no pun intended). When I was given the task of testing P4VS, our Visual Studio Plug-in, the first thing I looked for was a way to create custom Perforce shortcut keys. As of the 2012.2 release, Perforce commands are now clearly labeled and creating shortcut keys have never been easier.

After installing P4VS, simply (instructions are on Visual Studio 2010):

  1. Click on Tools | Customize...
  2. Click on the Keyboard... button
  3. In "Show commands containing:" field, enter: Perforce
  4. Select "File.Perforce.P4VS.Checkout" command
  5. In "Press shortcut keys:" field, press CTRL+E
  6. Click the Assign button
  7. Click the OK button

Although there's no place like $HOME, things like this bring me a little bit closer. ;)