February 22, 2013

A New Old Face in the Community


matt community

If you've ever had the chance to attend a Perforce event or spent time in our forums you know that we have an absolutely fantastic community of users and admins. It's hard not to be jazzed about the work we do after chatting with you folks about what you do with Perforce. However, after the events I always find myself wishing I had more time to engage with the community directly and help shine a spotlight on your work. There are as many exciting things happening with Perforce outside our walls as there are inside.

Well lucky for me then, because that's my job now! After nearly 13 years at Perforce with stints in support, QA, development, and R&D, I am taking up the mantle of Open Source Community Manager. What does that mean exactly? Well over the next few months I'll have more to share, but suffice to say we have some exciting news coming. I think my title potentially gives away part of the surprise.

If you have thoughts about ways you'd like to see Perforce support the community, thoughts about events you'd like to see, or just want to say hi, you can find me hanging out in the Perforce forums and on Twitter as @p4mataway.