July 7, 2015

P4Java and P4Eclipse Now Free (as in Speech!)

We’ve built a lot of different tools for our users over the years, but two of the most popular have been P4Java, our pure Java API for Helix, and P4Eclipse, our native IDE integration. Given our focus on enterprise-grade version control, it’s not entirely shocking that we have a lot of users working in Java and other JVM-powered languages. These two tools have been a big win for our Java using community.

Anyone who builds tools for enterprise development shops will tell you that it’s very rare for one size to fit all. The ability to customize and extend tools is hugely important when you’re juggling thousands of developers. While both P4Java and P4Eclipse solved a lot of problems for our users we’ve had many requests for the source code so that our customers could better bend the tools to suit their needs.

And so I’m happy to report that we’ve finally been able to open source P4Java and P4Eclipse. The source code for both as well as build instructions can be found in the Perforce Workshop. For details please visit the following projects:



I can’t wait to see what you folks build with access to the full source! If you have questions, hop on over to the Perforce Forums and we’ll help how we can.