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Command-line and graphical clients for power users

Lightweight options for
non-technical types

Work directly within your
favorite applications
and environments

Leverage powerful tools
and/or build your own

Helix Clients

We offer desktop apps and integrations to accommodate contributors of every stripe, from hard-core developers to designers to non-technical office staff. No matter the job and no matter the person doing it, Helix has the right tool.

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Power Users
Advanced Tools

Power Users

Power users of all varieties enjoy the most feature-packed clients:

  • Do anything directly from the P4 command line
  • Use the Perforce Visual Client (P4V) for the convenience of a GUI
  • Use Git at the command line or from any Git client


Graphic artists, animators, game developers, and others can version their digital assets directly from within their native applications, thanks to:

  • P4GT for Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Softimage, 3DS Max, and Maya
  • P4Connect for the Unity Game Engine
  • Or try Piper, a simpler client application


Developers enjoy plugins for major development environments such as:

  • P4VS for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • P4Eclipse for the Eclipse IDE
  • P4FTP for HTML authoring tools that support FTP
  • Or just use Windows Explorer via P4EXP

Power Tools

No matter the choice of client, Helix supplies a set of power-tools for advanced functions:

  • P4Merge provides file differencing, including support for images
  • The Time-Lapse View shows who contributed each line and when, with aging
  • Revision Graph shows detailed history, even across branches and merges
  • P4Search can find anything quickly across an entire organization