Key Features

Capabilities beyond convention

Flexible Best Practices

Promote branching and merging best practices with visual access to streams through the Helix Visual Client (P4V) stream graph window:

  • Set up custom workspaces with ease
  • Graphical view allows for easy switching and branching of streams
  • See the flow of change between streams
  • Improve code reuse, automated merging, context-switching, workspace updates, and inherited workspace views for greater efficiency

Server Access Through Helix Visual Client

Bring a file’s history to life:

  • See which files have been modified, checked out, or locked — and by whom
  • Preview text, HTML, audio, video, and other files
  • Store work in progress on the Helix Versioning Engine for safety via shelving
  • Initiate code reviews and other handoffs via shelving

Work Privately, Contribute Globally

The powerful DVCS capabilities in Helix Versioning Engine extend to the Helix Visual Client so users can work with files locally:

  • One-click clone of a remote folder without creating a remote mapping
  • Fetch changes from a local server and push local changes to a remote server
  • Enjoy the same native DVCS capabilities as Helix command-line users

File Comparison and Three-Way Visual Merging

Compare differences between file revisions and folder history over time with the diff tool. Helix Visual Client also integrates with P4Merge, our full-featured, three-way visual merge tool. With P4Merge, it’s easy to:

  • Pinpoint conflicts with color-coded highlights of text
  • Make point-and-click merges of non-conflicting changes

Visualize Branch and Integration History

The Revision Graph tool displays the ancestry of a file in tree form, tracing its integration points across all branches.

  • Review branch and integration history of files
  • Highlight a specific revision path for easy viewing
  • Follow revision history with associated changelist details

View in Time-Lapse

  • View and contrast all versions of a single file in just one window
  • Identify changes by date/time, file revision number, and the user who made it
  • Invoke time-lapse view in either depot or workspace view

Collaborate Intelligently with Helix Swarm

Helix Visual Client (P4V) integrates seamlessly with Helix Swarm for more efficient code review and collaboration:

  • Request and work with reviews directly from changelists
  • Receive updates on reviews directly in the Helix Visual Client
  • Open reviews from within the Helix Visual Client UI

Customize Helix Visual Client

  • Create custom tools
  • Create applets using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to extend Helix Visual Client
  • Customize Helix Visual Client by adding tabs and replacing the standard submit dialog with your own implementation

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