Integrate Tools Like Jira With Helix Core

Gain visibility and control over your defect tracking process with the P4DTG. You can sharing information from Helix Core projects to external defect tracking systems such as Jira, Bugzilla, and more. 

Using the defect tracking plugin, issues are replicated into Perforce jobs. And once the job is updated, the status is sent back. P4DTG can be configured to send a selection of fields and translate field values.


Simple Configuration

Easily map and define fields between defects and jobs. The P4DTG editor allows you to map data sets contained in multi-value listboxes with just a point and click.


Auto-Propagated Changes

Synchronize updates from Perforce jobs to your defect tracking system with a built-in replication engine. Users also can replicate changelists to monitor their work.


Filtered Replication

Replicate only the jobs you want into the appropriate issue tracker. Using segments allows you to integrate a single data source with multiple defect tracking tools.

Helix Defect Tracking Gateway (P4DTG)

Power your bug tracking system with Helix Core to quickly resolve issues.