Integrate Your Bug Tracker with Helix Core

From Jira to Bugzilla, Perforce Supports Industry Tools

Allow information to be easily shared from Helix VCS projects to your external defect tracking system with Helix Defect Tracking Gateway (P4DTG).


Simple Configuration

Easily map and define fields between defects and jobs. The P4DTG editor allows you to map data sets contained in multi-value listboxes with just a point and click. Implement one- or two-way data replication on a field by field basis. 



Auto-Propagated Changes

Synchronize updates from Perforce jobs to your defect tracking system with a built-in replication engine. Users also can replicate changelists to monitor the work implemented on file sets, providing automated defect tracking and testing support.


Filtered Replication

Segment and conditionally replicate jobs and defects to the appropriate issue tracker, all from a single Perforce server. Using segments allows users to integrate a single data source with multiple disparate defect tracking technologies.

Helix Supports All Defect Trackers

Using a Third-Party Tool We Didn't Mention?

P4DTG offers an SDK specifically for issue tracker development and custom integrations. If your defect tracker isn't currently supported by Perforce, visit the P4DTG SDK Project in the Perforce Workshop for more information.

Helix Defect Tracking Gateway (P4DTG)

Need better visibility and control over your defect tracking process? Power your issue tracking tools with the Perforce Helix issue tracking plugin.