Microsoft Office Plug-in

P4OFC, the Perforce Plug-in for Microsoft Office, allows Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project files to be easily stored and managed in Perforce. With P4OFC, users don't have to leave a familiar environment to bring their documents under Perforce control.

P4OFC menu in Microsoft Word screenshot

Support for Basic Version Management Tasks

P4OFC helps everyday users to:

  • Check files in and out of Perforce from within Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project
  • Determine which version of a document is checked out and who else is working on it
  • Access complete document revision history
  • Share and lock documents through Perforce
  • Link change requests with document changes

Quickly Compare Two Versions of the Same Word Document

P4OFC is easy to install and adds a "Perforce" menu to Microsoft Office applications. Once installed, the plug-in automatically determines which documents are under Perforce control.

P4OFC can compare any two revisions of the same Word document and quickly show changes, using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature.

Now Open Source and Maintained by Perforce Community

P4Office, a new open source integration for Office that is wholly maintained and supported by the community is available for download or to build from source in the Perforce Workshop.


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