Visual Studio Plug-in

P4VS, the Helix Plugin for Visual Studio, seamlessly embeds features of the Helix Versioning Engine into the Visual Studio IDE. P4VS is a fully-compliant Visual Studio solution for one-stop access to all the tools you need.

Native Support for Helix Source Code Management

With P4VS, Helix Versioning Engine features are now directly built into the Visual Studio environment. Check out, check in, view file history and more are all just a mouse click away.

Advanced Graphical Reporting Tools at Your Fingertips

Helix Plugin for Visual Studio screenshot
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Who else is working on a sensitive file? When was a bug first introduced? No need to waste your time switching contexts to discover this information. When you need more detail, P4VS leverages P4V, a standalone Helix client program, to provide advanced tools like Revision Graph, Stream Graph, and Time-lapse View.

Simplified Workflow with Helix Streams

Access Helix Streams, an innovation in workflow that delivers flexible process and a best practice branch-and-merge strategy. With P4VS, you can create, edit, and use streams workspaces from inside Visual Studio.

Code Review Options

You can use shelving to capture work-in-progress and assign to another developer for review. Alternatively, you can use Helix Swarm to facilitate code reviews with your team. Swarm is a powerful and flexible code review and collaboration solution that helps teams ship quality software faster. Swarm enables review of code and other assets before or after commits and can be customized to fit various workflows.

Member of Microsoft VSIP Partner Program

Built on P4API.NET for speed and stability, P4VS is available on 32-bit and is compatible with 64-bit Windows platforms. P4VS works with Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2012, and 2010 and Helix Server versions 2013.1 or newer. Perforce is a certified member of the VSIP program and P4VS is a fully compliant Visual Studio Integration Package, designed for full compatibility and ease of use.

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