Prefer the Command Line?

Helix Core admins and advanced users use Perforce p4 (the command-line client) to gain instant access to operations and complete control over the system.

Highly Scriptable

Customize automation for your development and administrative processes by embedding commands using Perl, Python, or any other scripting language. You can tailor operations for automating Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) to create your ideal workflow.

Clear Commands

Perforce commands are designed to be short and self-explanatory. Find clear descriptions of all commands and their associated flags by executing p4 help.


Cross-Platform Consistency

The Perforce P4 Command-Line Client uses the same commands and syntax on a wide variety of platforms. It automatically translates line ending conventions between operating systems.

Easy Reporting

All information related to metadata is available from the command-line. Easily script custom reports by redirecting and formatting command output to text files.

Get The Latest Version

Download the latest version of the Perforce P4 Command-Line Client for Helix Core. You get the fastest, most securable version control.

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