With Atlassian announcing end of support for all server products in 2024, and new server licenses no longer available, many organizations are thinking about what life after Jira will look like for their teams.

Atlassian has offered two paths: One, move to the more expensive and complex Data Center; or two, migrate to the cloud and adapt to different features and plugins.

So how can organizations weigh migration factors like scope, risk, value, time, quality, and cost to find the right alternative?

About the Webinar

Join Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft) Product Manager Johan Karlsson as he presents the considerations each team should make to plan and track effectively into the future, including:

  • Important dates and changes from Atlassian
  • Evaluating alternatives to Jira Server
  • Migration strategies and best practices
  • And more

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Image Author Johan Karlsoon

Johan Karlsson

Senior Product Manager, Perforce Software

Johan Karlsson is an Agile coach and Senior Consultant who builds bridges between customers and product teams. With an engineering and development background, he is the Product Manager for Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft), Helix DAM, and Helix Swarm. He's a backlog nerd with the ambitious goal to bring Agile and lean principles into modern enterprise environments.