Bring Your Story to Life

Game engines — like Unity and Unreal — are at the core of developing photorealistic environments and immersive experiences. Forward-thinking companies (outside of game dev) are driving new innovations.

Leverage Game Engines For Your Team

Virtual production projects The Mandalorian and The Lion King used game engines to collaborate in real-time and build dynamic new worlds. Automotive companies are testing the cars of tomorrow by applying real-world physics to their simulations. The medical industry is pushing telehealth forward with interactive training using AR/VR.

So how can you get the most out of these powerful game engines?

Join Robert Cowham (Principal Consultant) and Ryan L’Italien (Sales Engineer) from Perforce to discuss:

  • How companies are using game engines today.
  • Where game engines could fit into your existing pipeline.
  • What software teams are using to get started.
  • What is on the horizon for game dev technology.