June 26, 2014

Forrester Study Shows Perforce Improves Developer Productivity


We love hearing from our customers about the many ways they’re using Perforce. As is the case with many software products, however, it can be hard to put specific numbers behind the benefits we bring to companies using Perforce.

Not anymore.

To quantify the benefits of Perforce, we commissioned a study by Forrester Research—a Total Economic Impact report, or TEI. Forrester analysts spent time with 4 of our customers—including companies from financial services, software, embedded systems and across diverse geographies—to measure their productivity before and after migrating to Perforce.

The results are impressive. The Forrester study shows that Perforce…

  • Increases developer productivity by 10% to 15%
  • Decreases maintenance and administrative overhead
  • Reduces custom integration requirements
  • Saves on hardware expenses
  • And increases our customers’ ability to bring products to market by 25%

It also shows that the three-year ROI of switching to Perforce is 582%.

Have a look for yourself. You can get the executive summary for the report here.

Better yet, sign up to see how much Perforce would help your company. Schedule a free assessment and we’ll apply the Forrester ROI Estimator to your unique environment—so you can see the projected benefits to your company.