March 3, 2015

Introducing Helix


Today Perforce announced Helix, the next generation of our product line. We’ve been working on it for a long time, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Perforce Helix

When the Perforce team first sat down to plan Helix, we set out with an ambitious goal. We wanted to serve the complex and sometimes conflicting needs of modern product development. From running shoes that monitor workouts to self-driving cars, today’s products reflect the combined efforts of many contributors that use different tools and different workflows.

Achieving our goal meant helping to accommodate and coordinate the efforts of teams including software development, physical design, electrical design, and multimedia.

Helix pulls these threads together. It supports both centralized and distributed workflows for software development (including a comprehensive Git ecosystem). It supports large binaries. It meets enterprise needs for scalability and reliability. And it includes unique security features that protect intellectual property in ways no other SCM system can.

Helix lets all contributors use their preferred workflows and tools while supporting and protecting the company’s overall competitiveness. It’s available for small teams as a cloud service as well as on premise as Helix Enterprise.

We’re really proud of Helix, and can’t wait to show it off to you. We will roll it out over the next few weeks, with a raft of exciting extensions and capabilities planned over the coming year. 

To see an overview of Perforce Helix in less than 100 seconds, check out this video.