February 24, 2015

New Releases of Perforce Plugins for Unity, Git Fusion, P4V, P4GT, P4D Beta; New Perforce Conversion Tool for CVS and SVN Users; New Perforce Partner Integration from Southpaw Technology

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Here's what's new from Perforce in February.

P4Connect – Perforce Plugin for Unity®

P4Connect is a fully supported plugin that connects the Unity Game Engine with Perforce. Artists and content contributors can version and store large binary assets including artwork, graphics, sound, and video files in one place. It does NOT require a Pro or Team License and works with any version of Unity. P4Connect is open source, and we welcome contributors to this project in the Perforce Workshop. Learn more.

Download P4Connect | Release Notes

Git Fusion 2015.1 – Significant Improvement in Push Performance

This release of Git Fusion has a 30% performance improvement in the processing of pushes against Perforce servers running on Linux-based systems. New features and fixes include:

  • Ability to limit incoming pushes based on size and/or complexity
  • Rename/copy detection: By default, Git Fusion does not copy rename/copy inferences from Git into Perforce. On a per-repo basis, you can enable the recording of Git-reported copy/rename actions into integ/move actions within Perforce. Note that Git guesses at these actions and they are not recorded within the Git repository.
  • Support for Git 2.2.1 fixes a significant security vulnerability of Git and supports the latest features of Git like shallow clone.
  • Pushes from Git will now go through an extensive pre-flight validation, and if successful, will be passed to a background process. Upgrade using the Git Fusion OVA without creating new virtual installations.

Download Git Fusion 2015.1 | Release Notes

P4V 2014.3 – Swarm Integration

This latest version of P4V makes code review easier than ever, thanks to its integration with Swarm, our review and collaboration tool. You can:

  • Request and work with reviews directly from changelists
  • Receive new work from reviewers to collaborate more efficiently
  • Open reviews quickly in Swarm right from within the P4V UI

Watch the Swarm P4V Integration tutorial to learn more.

Download P4V | Release Notes

P4GT 2015.1 – Updated Plugin Support for Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and SoftImage

Artists easily add assets to Perforce version control using our Graphical Tools plugin. This release of P4GT includes updated Windows support for the latest versions of:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015
  • Autodesk Maya 2015
  • Autodesk Softimage 2015

Download P4GT 2015.1 | Release Notes

P4D 2015.1 Beta – New DVCS Capabilities in the Perforce Versioning Engine

The P4D 2015.1 Beta blends the advantages of a DVCS workflow with security, scalability and performance benefits for the enterprise. The beta release includes:

  • DVCS workflow without limits on file or repository sizes
  • Consistent performance at any scale under any continuous delivery load
  • Push and fetch to synchronize content between independent P4D sites
  • Local repositories for a significant increase in speed
  • More choice and flexibility in workflows for developers

Download P4D 2015.1 Beta | Release Notes
For test only. DO NOT use in production.

P4Convert – New and Improved CVS and SVN Conversion Tool in Perforce Workshop

Our new and improved official conversion tool that handles both CVS and SVN conversions is now available in the Perforce Workshop.

Download P4Convert | Project History

TACTIC and Perforce Integration from Southpaw Technology

Coders and artists using TACTIC alongside Perforce can now check in files to a Perforce repository directly from the TACTIC interface.

Download TACTIC