Collaborate on Any Type of File

  • Elegant code conversations
  • Streamlined code reviews
  • Work in P4 or Git
  • Supports rapid release cadences
Introduction to Helix Swarm

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2-minute introduction to Helix Swarm

Introduction to Helix Swarm

Why Helix Swarm?

Better ideas
through collaboration

content reviews



Enterprise Collaboration 

Helix Swarm is a collaboration engine for all types of intellectual property. It unites teams to formalize content reviews, foster brainstorming and keep projects moving forward. Contributors share files, comment, suggest tasks, vote up or down, and submit final work directly within its elegant, web-based interface. Swarm automates the entire process via notifications and makes it easy to monitor progress.

Key Features

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All Are
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Global Review
Productive & Fun
Web Hooks for
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All Are Welcome

Powerful review and collaboration features for any type of work:

  • Designers iterate quickly on models
  • Artists review and compare images
  • Developers work together on code
  • Even share documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Helix Swarm Easy to Use for Collaboration and Review

Workflows People Like

Lightweight workflow for efficiency:

  • Pre- and post-commit reviews
  • Mandatory review process helps avoid mistakes
  • Voting to gather feedback from peers
  • Private projects when confidentiality matters

Helix Swarm Code Review and Collaboration Workflows

Global Review Dashboard

See open reviews and work in progress at a glance:

  • Visibility across all projects or drill down
  • Filter by author, status, whether tests pass, keyword, etc.
  • Filter review comments to a particular revision
  • Opt to receive only the notifications to your most pressing reviews
  • Easily find the reviews you need

Helis Swarm Code Review and Collaboration Dashboard View

Social, Productive & Fun

  • Activity streams to keep up with others
  • Color-coded visual diffs
  • Comment directly in code
  • @mention others to involve them
  • Follow items of interest
  • Lightweight tasks for important issues

Helix Swarm Social Code Review Collaboration

Web Hooks for Continuous Delivery

Integrate Swarm with your continuous delivery chain:

  • Trigger builds and tests for work in review
  • Automate deployment for testing
  • Integrate syntax analyzers for automated review comments
  • Implement automated code reviews with the commenting API
  • Works out of the box with popular tools like Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Puppet, Chef and more

Extensibility & Custom Plugins

Mod the tool with additional features or a fresh look:

  • Customize reviews via plugins
  • Re-skin the UI for your team, project or brand
  • Find or contribute plugins and content at the Perforce Workshop