A Day at Salesforce?
9K Commits + 10M Transactions.

Life for Salesforce developers can be boring. Sure, they make up to 9,000 commits each day. And they have up to 10 million transactions per day and more than 1TB of metadata.

But their excitement? It doesn’t come from wondering whether source control is working or whether their code is safe.

Using Helix Core by Perforce allows the developers at Salesforce to work in an agile environment. They spend time building a product that delights customers – not wrestling with their large, monolithic codebase.

Why Do Enterprise Businesses Rely on Perforce?


Large Development Teams

Tens of 1,000s of developers can work at the same time without any reduction in speed.

Global Development Centers

Every dev center – regardless of location – has lightning-fast access to current files.

Complex, Sprawling Codebases

Perforce provides a single source of truth for every file – regardless of size.


Support for Git at Scale

Don’t let speed hold you back. Achieve CI/CD with 80 percent faster builds.

All File Types and Sizes

Handling large files was built into the core of our products. And unlike Git LFS, it’s scalable.


Security and Compliance

Keep data safe with fine-grained access controls, MFA, and total traceability.

Why Leave ClearCase, SVN, or Git?

Better Price. Simpler Compliance. Happier Developers.

Logo ABM Campaign Amdocs

Why Perforce? Less Expensive Pricing Model. Less Time Spent on Daily Tasks.

When Amdocs moved from ClearCase to Perforce, they saved money across the board. Perforce’s per-user pricing model is less expensive than ClearCase. And Amdocs saved resources by completing routine tasks faster.

Read about Amdoc’s successful migration to Perforce

Logo ABM Campaign Drake

Meeting the Demands of Financial Compliance? Check. Better Productivity? Check.

Tax-preparation software company, Drake, felt stifled by SVN. They needed a VCS that met the demands of financial compliance and industry regulations. And their dev teams needed a unified solution for greater productivity. Their solution? Upgrading to Helix Core from SVN.

Read how Drake achieved push-button audit readiness with Perforce

Logo ABM Campaign Fortune 100 Mobile

Multinational Mobile Phone Company Migrates From Git to Perforce

Before Perforce, developers were scattered across the globe. They had no single place to store and tie together binary files. And the development process became unfeasible. “The decision to move from Git came from our users’ complaints. Git can get geeky, but it can’t tie binaries together.”

Read why developers were happier when the company left Git

Try the Fastest VCS on the Planet

The world’s most innovative brands harness the power and speed of Perforce to build, test, and ship their products faster.


Curious about how this upgrade will look at your company? Need more details about our integrations? We’re here to help.