How Helix Integrates with Unity

Version Control with Unity Game Engine

P4Connect is a fully-supported plugin that integrates with the Unity game engine, providing users with a powerful rendering engine for game development. Combine Unity game design and stable version control with P4Connect.

Helix Plugin for Unity (P4Connect)

Unity is the tool of choice for game studios looking for an inexpensive cross-platform engine. P4Connect helps development studios version both source code and large art assets. With Unity and P4Connect together, teams can deploy products across multiple platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. 


Helix Plugin for Unity Features

Integrate Unity and Perforce for faster cross-platform development, more streamlined workflows, and better game design collaboration, 

Helix Versioning Within Unity Engine

Perform essential version control operations with ease from inside your Unity development environment. Perfect for small or large teams working on complex products with large, diverse file types.

Global Asset Management

Game studios can manage their source code and large binary files across the globe, as P4Connect links Unity users and access files to the version control of the Helix Development Platform.

Tracked Change History

With simple commands in P4, users can view lists of submitted and pending changelists to assets. Keep track of all files with a complete file and revision history, accessed directly in your workspace.

Image Diff Tool

Artists love P4Connect for its configurable features that allow designers to compare images side-by-side or together in "overlay mode." P4Connect can even capture barely visible changes with commands to highlight differences. 

Perforce Workshop

Everything you need to manage P4Connect along with your Unity development environment is in the Perforce Workshop. Join our open source community of developers who thrive creating ecosystems centered on Unity and Perforce.

Unity Development Tools

Development studios want design tools that make their jobs easier. With Unity and P4Connect in concert, developers access a high-powered rendering engine with a best-in-class versioning engine from Helix.

System Requirements

Manage Unity files with P4Connect:

  • SSL connections
  • Perforce Streams
  • UnityVS
  • Assembla workspaces

Helix Plugin for Unity

Better cross-platform development with Unity and Perforce.

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