MFA, or multi-factor authentication, is the easiest and most popular way to secure enterprise users and their data. 81 percent of data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials. And MFA can prevent that. 

Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) is the Perforce plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio. If your organization uses MFA with other applications, and you’re already familiar with Visual Studio and P4VS, the MFA login process for P4VS should be familiar.

If you don’t have P4VS installed, you can get it from the Visual Studio Marketplace within Visual Studio. Just click on the “Tools” menu, and choose “Extensions and Updates”. Type “Perforce” into the Search menu. You’ll see P4VS, click to download and install the plugin.

If you’re an existing P4VS user, you can check your installed version from the Tools menu by choosing Extensions and Updates. Type “Perforce” in the Search box, and you’ll see what version you have installed. P4VS 2018.2 is the first version that includes the Helix MFA Authenticator, so if you have an earlier version installed, you’ll want to get the latest version of P4VS. Exit and re-launch Visual Studio to see the new version of P4VS.

If you are setting up P4VS for the first time, you’ll need to switch the version control system from “Git” to “Perforce”, after installing the P4VS plugin.

To do this go to “Tools”, “Options”, “Source Control Selection”, and in the drop-down, switch the selection from “Git” to “P4VS – Helix Plugin for Visual Studio”.

After that change is made, restart Visual Studio.

With the P4VS plugin installed in Visual Studio, you’ll see a drop-down menu on the toolbar that says “PERFORCE: Offline”. Click the dropdown, and choose “New Connection”. Which will open the “Open Connection” dialog box.

Here, enter the server address for your Helix Core server, and then enter your username and password.

Next, the Helix MFA window will pop up. You’ll be prompted with a list of factors chosen by your administrator. When you choose a factor, it’s accompanied by a message describing what to do.

Pick the factor you wish to use, and provide the appropriate action in response.

If you fail to complete the action required, you’ll see an admin-defined message telling you so. If you succeed, you’ll see a congratulatory message, which is also defined by the administrator.

If you’re new to using P4VS but you’re already a Perforce user, you can choose a workspace and get right to work. If you’re already a P4VS user, you’ll proceed as normal.

We hope you found this video helpful, and understand the basics of installing, updating, and logging into P4VS and authenticating with MFA.

For more information, please access the online technical documentation. Or, if you have any specific technical questions, contact [email protected].


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