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Full Video Transcript

Helix P4V, starting with version 2014.3, provides a tight integration with Swarm which enables requesting and updating reviews directly from the client. This integration is not on by default. Your administrator will need to configure the server to enable this functionality. Details can be found in the Swarm documentation here:

Client integration


In this example, Gale has completed some edits on the EBolt.java file. She decides to kick off a code review by selecting the relevant changelist, context clicking, and choosing the enabled, "Request New Swarm Review". In this dialog she selects which files to include in the review if there are more than one in the changelist. She enters a Review Description, and browses to select specific reviewers. Gale selects Joe.

Gale anticipates that Joe might have feedback for her and that she’ll need to iterate on the review, so she chooses not to revert the file after it is shelved.

Once "Request Review" is selected, the file is shelved automatically. The integration also adds the Review ID column showing the Swarm Review ID number, and the Review State showing the current status. At the same time, reviewers and project members receive an email notification and the review appears in Swarm.

Over on Joe’s Activity stream, he finds the new review request for the Talkhouse project and clicks on the link to see the review. The file is toggled open and he sees Gale's change. Joe decides to post a specific comment to the relevant line of code, and requests that the file needs further revision.

Gale now gets an email notification. In Swarm she sees the comment that Joe added regarding the line of code.

In P4V, the Review State column now shows “Needs Revision.” Gale reopens the file, makes a change, and saves it. Next, she context-clicks and selects "Update Swarm Review..." to update the review for the EBolt.java file.

Back in Joe’s Activity stream, he sees that Gale has made an update. Joe clicks on the review number and sees the modification. It’s ready to go so he Approves the change.

Gale now receives an email notification that her Review has been Approved by Joe. She also sees the change in the Review State in P4V, so she submits the changelist.

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