If you could ship 20% faster, what would it mean for your business? What could you build? Better question, what’s slowing your teams down?

Teams struggle to manage branching and merging. For bigger teams and projects, it gets even more complex. Tracking development using a flowchart, team wiki, or a white board is ineffective. And attempts to automate with complex scripting are costly to maintain.

Remove the bottlenecks and automate your development your way with Perforce Streams –– the flexible branching model in Helix Core.

Join Brad Hart, Chief Technology Officer and Brent Schiestl, Senior Product Manager for Perforce version control to learn how Streams can:

  • Automate and customize development and release processes.
  • Easily track and propagate changes across teams.
  • Boost end user efficiency while reducing errors and conflicts.
  • Support multiple teams, parallel releases, component-based development, and more.

Automate Branching and Merging With Streams

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