We partnered with DevOps.com to get up-to-the-minute insight into the successes and challenges they face with achieving DevOps.

Challenges with DevOps and version control are universal. Solutions can be harder to find. Thankfully, hundreds of your peers shared insight on achieving enterprise DevOps.

More than 450 people responded to a survey on DevOps.com. They shared:

  • Their biggest challenges
  • Where they face bottlenecks in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Where they store production-grade assets
  • The VCS they use
  • And 13 other DevOps or VCS data points


The Correlation Between an Effective VCS and Achieving DevOps

Throughout the survey, one theme was clear. There’s a correlation between having an effective VCS and achieving DevOps.

We’ll cover the results of the survey. And you’ll learn how to achieve higher quality development and faster time to market.