We continue to hear from customers who feel challenged because Git doesn’t scale well. Now there’s a solution from Perforce. It enables faster CI/CD performance, supports multi-repo projects, and scales for free.

Deliver Fast Enough for CI

Git servers can’t keep up with numerous developers working in a Continuous Integration (CI) workflow. Learn how you can execute CI faster – 40-80 percent faster.

Use Git at Scale

Most developers follow a 1:1 model – one repo for every project. But when projects scale in size or complexity, the 1:1 model breaks. Now there’s a way to make Git scale.

Use Git With Large Files

Git LFS isn’t a manageable solution for large files. Find out how to easily handle large files of all types.


There’s a reason companies in every industry rely on Perforce for speed, scale, and security.

Join us to learn about Helix TeamHub Enterprise. It allows Git teams to leverage the speed and performance that Perforce is known for.