Virtual productions rely heavily on 3D assets. When you are shooting in a volume, the assets being rendered in real-time need to be right. The process of getting those assets pixel perfect starts early, and involves many versions, artists, and even different organizations.

Come learn how the Perforce Planning & Collaboration Suite can not only help in the early stages of a virtual production, but also when you are shooting in a volume, keeping your production on track and on budget.

Join Perforce Director of Product Marketing Katie Cole and Solutions Engineer Jase Lindgren as they explain how version control can:

  • Speed up pre-production.
  • Secure files across vendors.
  • Increase traceability across all stages of production.


Katie Cole Headshot — 250x250

Katie Cole

Gaming Evangelist and Director of Product Marketing for Helix Core, Perforce

Katie is a product and marketing strategist who has spent over a dozen years helping high-tech companies get their solutions into the hands of the people who need them most.

Jase Lindgren

Jase Lindgren

Visual Effects Specialist and Solutions Engineer for Helix Core

Jase is passionate about all things VFX. Being involved in the film and television industry for over a decade, he has worked on projects that have been viewed by people around the world. With Perforce, Jase is helping transform workflows, providing VFX, animation, virtual production, and game developers with the tools to improve productivity and quality-of-life in future projects.