For many companies, intellectual property is the most valuable asset. Especially for companies whose primary revenue products are based on their IP. 

Cyberattacks Are on the Rise

Incredibly, 42 percent of companies have experienced ransomware attacks. Exfiltration by disgruntled employees is a real issue. And careless or distracted employees can fall victim to phishing scams, exposing your assets to the world.

Mission-critical applications are protected with multi-factor authentication (or MFA). But what protects your IP – especially the code that’s stored in your version control system?

Join Chuck Gehman, Technical Marketing Engineer, in this live webinar to learn:

  • Do you need a securable version control system?
  • What is MFA?
  • Can you use MFA to protect your IP?
  • How do you implement MFA on your version control system?

Do You Actually Need MFA?

Uber, Equifax, Anthem, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Yahoo. What do these companies have in common? They all experienced major data breaches in the last five years.

How is this relevant? More than 80 percent of data breaches are caused by weak or stolen credentials. MFA can prevent that. Protect your company and things you’ve worked hard to create.