Software is everywhere. As it becomes more pervasive, businesses face increasing pressure to deploy faster and with higher quality. But the largest development teams — working on the most sophisticated products — are vastly under-served.

Their development environments are complex. They’re big, and they’re nasty. They have challenges in their dev pipelines that smaller teams don’t, like:

  • Massive scale
  • Complex componentized development
  • Multiple, parallel releases
  • Huge monolithic codebases
  • Regulatory, audit, and security requirements

Learn How Perforce Plans to Address These Challenges

Brad Hart knows version control inside and out. He has more than 20 years of experience helping large organizations solve their toughest development challenges.

His experience includes co-founding AccuRev (another version control system) and working at IBM Rational ClearCase. We’re capitalizing on his experience to refine and improve how Helix Core supports customers with complex systems.

In this webinar you'll:

  • Meet Brad Hart, the new CTO for version control
  • Hear his vision for version control in 2019
  • Learn about changes to better support sophisticated teams