Speed and productivity go hand in hand, and we've got you covered in our latest release!

Check out the great new features in Helix Core 2017.1 and Helix Swarm 2017 to see why it’s never been easier to collaborate and improve rapid release cycles.

Helix Core 2017.1, formerly Helix Versioning Engine

In 2017.1, Perforce continues to focus on those capabilities critical to our customers’ development environments, including high performance data movement, flexibility, and control:

  • Transfer files 10-20x faster than before over WAN.
  • Move files to different depot locations/branches without the need to edit them first.
  • Option to specify the desired range of allowed TLS version, and prevent clients (or servers) using other versions from connecting.
  • Filter and search remote specs by name.

Helix Swarm 2017.1 supports all versioned assets in Helix Core with new features to improve and automate enterprise code review and collaboration:

Action Item dashboards provide a collaborative and intuitive activity dashboard at login.
New review filters help organize priority reviews by vote or comments.
Customizable notifications allow users to set fine-grained circumstances for how and when they receive review emails.