May 2, 2013

A Sea Change in Replication

MERGE User Conference

bpendleton merge 2013

I've just returned from Merge 2013, The Perforce Conference, and once again I found myself incredibly energized by the amazing things that people around the world are doing with Perforce.

I met users from all over the planet: Korea, Lebanon, Sweden, Austria, India, Australia, Canada, and more. It was very exciting to see all the different approaches and techniques.

Comparing this conference to the previous one, I was struck by the change in perception of Perforce Replication. In 2011, most people were just beginning to learn about Perforce Replication; they were curious, and intrigued, but at that time most sites were not ready to include Perforce Replication into their production environment.

But the last two years have clearly been, to use an ancient English phrase, a sea change.

The people I spoke with at this year's conference were no longer tentatively exploring replication. When I asked people about the current status of Perforce Replication in their organization, they said things like:

  • "Yes, we have a production replica deployed."
  • "We have multiple replicas in production. We use them for checkpointing and as stand-by spares, and we also have a broker which can redirect certain commands to our replica."
  • "We use a number of replicas. We have several build servers, and we just deployed our first production forwarding replica."

I met users who have dozens of replicas.

I met users who have replicas spread across four continents.

I met users who deploy production replicas so frequently that they have written tools to automate the process.

Internally, we believe very deeply in our replication technology, and are continuing to invest heavily in it. We are continuing to evolve the replication features and we'll release several major enhancements later this year.

I'm already looking forward to the next Perforce Conference; I can't wait to hear what sort of remarkable things people will be doing with Perforce Replication!