Cloud Managed Version Control for Fast + Powerful Game Development

“[Helix Core] is widely used in the [game development] industry

and [has been] integrated by some excellent cloud instance management tools such as Assembla, [which] made spinning up the hardware required to make this all run in the cloud a cinch.”


Ambitious Games Case Study by Assembla

Ambitious Games is an indie game development studio. After reviewing several options, Ambitious Games chose Assembla for their Perforce in the cloud solution. It was an easy decision as Assembla supports the quick rollout of cloud computing instances with pre-installed software and Helix Core is trusted by 19/20 of the top AAA studios.

This enabled Ambitious Games to get almost effortless access to the kind of lightning-fast cloud-hosted infrastructure that would ensure that hardware wouldn’t prove a bottleneck to the development workflow.

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